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Apr 03 2011

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John Eisenberg: Technology and Human Thought

Just as it is not possible to look ahead to the technological changes now taking

shape, it is not easy to look back to the ones that have helped form our own

culture. I’m not sure what Eisenberg meant by this because he makes it pretty simple where technology originated from or perhaps I’m reading it wrong. It was short and fairly easy to understand .After all if you look at communication as oral/ written language then that  meansthat means that in it of itself is a form of technology. Eisenberg brings up many interesting ideas but my favorite  isfavorite is “How can the hand grasp itself grasping?” Thought is so intimately

associated with the conventions of a technology that it is hard for users to see

that different media are independent means for the expression of thought”. It’s true that we must break away from a concept to fully grasp and understand it. I agree that it was the earlier forms of technology ( the example of ancient Greek civilization) that has allowed for technology to expand and also provides an explanation for the way things are today I love how Eisenberg’s piece is very short and yet doesn’t take away from his argument. I think he somehow feels that Language is the finest form of technology. From the beginning when he mentions the thought process all the way to the actions that take place. Language controls every aspect of life. We find ourselves alive in listening, speaking world. I guess part of that is the acknowledgment of your thoughts and actions not only by yourself but also others around you.

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