Mar 13 2011

Prayer: My technic

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Disclaimer: my intention is not to preach or teach but rather provide an inside look at what I consider makes me human in a technological advanced world.

As Professor Buell mentioned “One of Mumford’s central claims is that more fundamental than tools were technics that allowed prehumans in the process of hominization (becoming human) to stabilize and cohere their unconscious and their social relations. Dance, then ritual and myth were central the technics they used for this, Mumford argued. You’ll remember that Robinson Crusoe used his journal and reading of the Bible to do something very much similar to this”. I would be lying if I said I got all of what Mumford was talking about  but I did gather that he was making a parallel development between human tools ( both man and divine being made ) and social organization such as language and rituals (dance/ myths). I guess for me I would pick a route similar to Mumford and Crusoe and say its prayer.

Prayer is its own form of machine and very prominent in my life. I am required to pray five times a day and each time is very similar but also very different. Crusoe had his bible and his journal to keep count of his adventures and connection to the divine being; I have prayer ( Salaat). There is a language that goes with it (Arabic), a dance (more like steps one must follow) and it is a ritual repeated at different times of the day. I guess knowing that every prayer is my assertion that I am doing what I was created for makes me human. Every time I stand on my prayer rug and start my prayer I am reminded that I am about to both physically and spiritually be reminded of what is expected of me.

It is said that the prayer is the best act of worship and connects you to the divine being. It is like a machine with a pre set time to maintain it and when the clock strikes out  (adhan : call to prayer) you must attend to it. Tardiness is not tolerated or advised. The machine stands in one place and does not move ( facing Mecca).

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