Nov 20 2010

Edward Hopper’s famous Nighthawks (1942).

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Look at the painting closely and you shall see more than just three customers in a diner late night. This is clearly a depiction of early urban life. The patrons are resting easily and the weather seems to be pleasant. The only light in the entire establishment of the entire street lit. There is no sign or rain or snow but rather it must be fall. The woman is wearing a short sleeve red dress and the men are dresses in suits. Like the title suggests “Nighthawks” they have stayed up late into the wee hours of the night. This painting is in it of itself a sense of pride and hope for Americans. Though everything is gloomy and dark around it the little diner stands in as a ray of hope. The three customers also seem to be in their own little world not interacting with one another. The couple doesn’t talk to each other and neither does the man who prefers to be alone. The worker seems to be in his mid 30’s is busy also staring off into the distant empty street. The buildings with some windows open have no light except what is reflected from the curved glass of the diner. The worker seems to be trapped in his work and thoughts; the triangular shape he is confined to work in. The lone man seems not to be bothered by the couple in front of him.

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