Oct 30 2010

the most evil invention ever: “creating life.”

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I think anyone would agree that Victor Frankenstein is quite a brilliant individual. From the beginning of his life, he has always showed interest in learning about magic, and the different sciences. He begins reading outdated books about alchemists that serve as the sprouts for his obsession with creating life. Using both his prior knowledge and modern science he discovers “the secret of life” and brings to life a monster, Frankenstein. He’s more than just a mad scientist.

Not only has he managed to bring to life a creature but he has also done it without divine intervention. I think to some extent that Victor’s “crime” is being punished by a higher power Like Prometheus who was punished for eternity by Zeus for having stolen fire and given it to the mortals. For Victor the biggest punishment is that his creature sets out to kill all those close to him. Victor refuses to admit that it is he who has created the monster. He doesn’t seem to think that his creature is out of control. We see victor change from a brilliant, curious youth to a eccentric man who is set on creating life.

He is fanatical about become “godlike” and like “god” be is not very much in the public eye. It has often been said that “god works in mysterious ways” and Victor to some extent is very similar when he conducts his experiments. He not only lacks a sense of “humanness” but seems to be “god like” in everything he does. It is his pride and arrogance that keeps him from destroying the monster that he has created. He tears himself away from the world and lives in seclusion intent on revenging himself upon his monster. Victor is a creator like many of his predecessors, a mad scientist, with no concerns or boundaries, he does as he wills until the moment he dies.


on a side note I couldn’t help wonder how similar the novel is to the children’s film Igor


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